3 Simple Steps for Great Deal Booking Hoteles

Booking Hoteles and make some reservations are easier than booking for cheap hotel. Everybody who will book in a hotel will get sufficient helps and information from travel agencies or from other third parties like tour guide, because some percent of your budget will mean their revenue. But here I will share to you, how to book hotel with cheaper room rate. But remember, all benefits come from serious effort. All you need right now is being patient and an effective book note to record acquired information. (more…)

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Bogor Hotel for Deeper Experience

Bogor is a well known city in West Java, Indonesia. Buitenzorg is its Dutch name which means “peaceful” or “no-worry”. Perhaps, that’s why Baron Gustaf Willem Van Imhof, Dutch Governor General, built Bogor Palace here in 1745. We may feel same circumstances in Bogor right now. Fortunately, there are many modern facilities built there, and we can find suitable Bogor Hotel to stay there. (more…)

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Medan Hotel: Best Place to Discover Sumatera’s Fascinating Spots

Medan is the capital city of North Sumatera, Indonesia. As the biggest city in Sumatera Island and the second biggest city in Indonesia, Medan is the main gate to a lot of tourism spots in Sumatera, especially North Sumatera. The landscape in Brastagi, Karo plateau, Bukit Lawang, and Toba Lake are the most visited places for tourists. Toba Lake is the largest lake in Indonesia with Samosir Island in the heart of the lake. We can reach such places from the best Medan Hotel. (more…)

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Low Budget 3 Stars Thailand Hotel in Pattaya

Many people around the world visit Thailand to enjoy the landscape, landmark, and its exotic culture. There are a lot of Buddhism artifact, temple, and buildings which are well maintained. One of the important places for tourists is Pattaya. This city is located in east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, 165 kilometers from Bangkok. The area of Pattaya Bay is the largest beach resort in Asia! It is the most visited city in Thailand after Bangkok. (more…)

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Cheap Surabaya Hotel Discovered

Do you want to stay in Surabaya for some nights for business or vacation purposes and need cheap room in Surabaya Hotel? Forget the rumor that big city always has expensive hotels instead small city does.

As a second-most-visited-city after Jakarta, Surabaya has industrial complexes as many as trade centers. Its international Air Port, hotels, main Indonesian port have been important footing to eastern part of Indonesian archipelago. That’s why Dutch Army and Allied Forces made every endeavor to occupy this city no longer after World War II. But nowadays, Surabaya is growing to be most important industry city while Jakarta is going to be overwhelmed with its rural problems like crowded traffic and environment issue. Back to the cheap hotel in Surabaya, you will find the hotel rate as you want if you try harder. Here I give you some suggestions. (more…)

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