Easy Finding Extended Stay Hotels

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All hotels’ management will be glad if you stay longer than other guests. Sure, you will boost up their profit. But, only some hotels are comfortable and offer rational cost if you look for extended stay hotels. It is not good for you if you stay for some months and pay for weekly (or unfortunately weekdays) discount. You should get lower rate. Anyway, an ordinary hotel usually makes preparation for guests who will stay for 1 to 14 nights. So, it is acceptable enough, because perhaps their guests are staying for such nights, not longer. The question is how to find extended stay hotels. If you look for these hotels, I assume you as a traveler or temporary resident or worker who needs place to stay for months. And I suppose that you don’t need some “extra facilities” (like swimming pool, tour trip, airport shuttle bus, etc) as well as your basic needs to stay like comfortable room, space for working (desk, internet, phone), and kitchen. Well, I will tell you about how to find such hotels.

Usually, an extended stay hotels seeker has sufficient time to choose and decide in which hotel he/she wants to stay longer. First, look for the hotels which have function like apartment or temporary place for family when they move to another house. You can ask about it to related department like tourist department officer. Your keywords are something like workers hotels, family temporary places, apartments, and guest house. You can look for extended stay hotels through internet too.

There are some sites which provided information about these hotels. The next step is checking the room rate, seeing the offered facilities, and visiting the room all at once. You need more time to do that, but it will be worth enough compared to enjoying nice place like home. Ensure that your daily activity will be well supported by the hotels.

If you will stay with your spouse or kids, make sure that there are sufficient facilities for your family’s need. Locate the nearest restaurant, yard, theatre, and supermarket for daily needs. Knowing the nearest health facility and how to get the doctor as soon as possible are necessary. By visiting the hotels, you can directly bargain the price based on what you see and what you will receive, because you know exactly the hotels’ condition. The last step is recognizing your neighborhood.

Knowing them will make you (and your family) feel safer in a new place. It will be better if you know the manager personally, so you will get help soon when you need. Buying some local newspapers also help you to feel comfort there. But if your feeling is not good at first, give more time to decide carefully.

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