Understanding Hotel Rooms Rate for Best Deal

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Understanding Hotel Rooms Rate is very important for you who often use hotels’ service or have a plan to go anywhere which staying at a hotel will be needed. It is important because the cost you will pay is much depends on it, and unfortunately, it is much different with buying fried chicken or cola at franchise chains restaurants. There is no exact price for every time, and the more expensive one doesn’t always mean the better one and vice versa.

First, underscore that in hotels industry, there are some levels of Hotel Rooms Rate depends on hotel’s amenities, facilities, standard of services, location, and rooms. We can classify hotels’ rate as budget hotels, moderate hotels, deluxe hotels, and luxury hotels.

Some sources said that for normal condition, budget hotels’ room rate is not higher than 150 USD per night. Moderate hotels usually offers rooms rate between 150 USD to 250 USD a night. Deluxe hotels have 250 USD to 350 USD rooms rate and luxury hotels – the most expensive hotels rate – usually offer nightly room rates above 350 USD.

Of course, the Hotel Rooms Rate described above is not an exact guide. You will check and ask the hotels staffs for it. It is possible to get lower room’s rate if there are some available discounts or special offers. You can ask for it in order to get lower cost which match to your availability to get such discounts.

The standard Hotel Rooms Rate above means that we can’t expect a deluxe hotel’s normal rate is as low as – in example – a budget hotel (except in special promo and discounts). The same rule also works in other hotels rates classifications.

In addition, you have to differ the “hotel average room’s rate” and “room’s rate offered by hotel”. The average room’s rate is not really a sum of money we pay for a room in a hotel. Average room’s rate is a calculation whether the hotel point out good or worse performance due its rate.

This average room’s rate can be obtained by dividing hotel’s revenue by its sold rooms. If the hotel average rooms’ rate is 300 USD, it doesn’t mean that all rooms are offered with 300 USD per night. The Hotel Rooms Rate may vary. The challenge is finding the hotel’s lowest room’s rate with sufficient service, facilities, and amenities. For some people, it is a pleasurable adventure.

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