Contemplating Natural Touch at Rukmini Villa in Trawas

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Imagine, land fulfilled of paddies (rice plant) spread out as far as your eyes can capture, natural ambience on 800 meters high from sea level, served fresh milk from cows around, and traditional building with “joglo limasan” architectural style. Rukmini Villa in Trawas offers you more than just a rural villa in Mojokerto, Indonesia. Its concept is traditional village style which is mixed with nature of oriental life.

Why Trawas?

Trawas is located in the remote spot in East Java Province. But, it is near enough to be reached by car or any public transport from Central Trawas. Besides, Rukmini Villa in Trawas is only an hour driving from Surabaya. Its location in the countryside but close connected from bustle Surabaya is an advantage. You can arrange some company annual meeting, weekend, youth camp, or just family refreshing here.

Its quiet atmosphere and traditional people’s activities in the villages around (such as planting paddies, traditional field plowing up with cows, pasturage, etc) are refreshment elements which revitalize our life. Seeing Mt. Welirang through the windows of Rukmini Villa in Trawas, you will feel the harmony of nature, plants, animals, and human race.

Becoming More Natural of You

Compared with downtown’s daily life, the activities around this Villa in East Java are much more real. It means that we can see the rice we will eat is planted and growing for months. The hands who keep the plants alive are significant to us. From this villa, we also can get fresh milk of cows by our hands. The milk served afterward is produced by real cows that you can touch and smell. No synthetic preservative here. Furthermore, it is easy to get some fresh fruits from the garden or by buying them from local farmers. It is much nutritious than canned fruit in supermarket’s shelf.

If you will stay in Rukmini Villa In Trawas, it’s nice to arrange a kind of morning walk. Just wake up early in the morning after rooster’s crowing at 5 am, and walk around. Enjoy the fresh air, the mist, the wet branches of trees, the sun rising, and its ultimate silence but nature voices. If you fortune enough, you will meet bands of domestic monkeys move from trees in the edge of forest. They are familiar enough with human.

Well, considering that the nature of this earth is going to be collapsed piece by piece, it will be great if you try stay there in Rukmini Villa in Trawas. However, for further information and reservation you can call +62-31-71888711 or mobile +62-81331118111. You can e-mail them too at: Or you can get further information on

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