Cheap Surabaya Hotel Discovered

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Do you want to stay in Surabaya for some nights for business or vacation purposes and need cheap room in Surabaya Hotel? Forget the rumor that big city always has expensive hotels instead small city does.

As a second-most-visited-city after Jakarta, Surabaya has industrial complexes as many as trade centers. Its international Air Port, hotels, main Indonesian port have been important footing to eastern part of Indonesian archipelago. That’s why Dutch Army and Allied Forces made every endeavor to occupy this city no longer after World War II. But nowadays, Surabaya is growing to be most important industry city while Jakarta is going to be overwhelmed with its rural problems like crowded traffic and environment issue. Back to the cheap hotel in Surabaya, you will find the hotel rate as you want if you try harder. Here I give you some suggestions.

First, it will be necessity for you to realize that cheap hotel doesn’t have same service and standard like mainstream hotels: Accor, Hyatt, Horison, etc. But it is okay as long you ask it. You can try Remaja Inn (Penginapan Remaja). This hotel has two places: Jl. Dukuh Kupang XXV/52 and Jl. Darmo Kali 52. Owned by local government, these hotels provide low rate which is suitable for students or teenagers.

In the down town, you may find Tanjung Group’s hotels. This group owns Tanjung Hotel, Tanjung Indah Hotel, and Tanjung Emas Hotel. As a private company, the managers of these hotels try to increase the standard of service. The room rate is not excess than 200,000 IDR in 2010. The other choice is Kassanda Hotel in Jl. Dharmo. We just pay about 150,000 IDR for TV set, AC, shower, and clean room. It is not expensive, isn’t it? Not far from these hotels, there is Royal Regal Hotel. Just minutes walk to the Mayor’s office, big supermarkets, and malls. This hotel is located in Jl. Jaksa Agung Suprapto No. 35.

If you like to stay in sub urban area, especially not far away from Juanda Air Port, you may choose Permata Hotel. Once, this hotel promoted 100,000 IDR in promo events. Located near this hotel, there are Sinar 1 Hotel, Sinar 2 Hotel, and Sinar 3 Hotel. These cheap hotels are the most qualified hotels in this rural region with normal rate about 270,000 IDR in 2010.

However, if you really want to stay in a cheap hotel, please note that your safety is the most important thing. Check your luggage, bring your own favorite soap and towel, and – if you do not like the food – ask the porter or driver to look suitable food for you. It will be nice experience to know hotel in Surabaya and Surabaya itself deeper.

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